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Terms & Conditions

  • Administrator has the right to lock the member / article at any time.
  • All type of complain or question regarding your membership accepted thru write us section.
  • We are not responsible for your any type of loss or damage and even for data in case of any disaster. It is also your responsibility to keep your backup at safe place and on regular internal.
  • Please provide accurate information while registering. You personal information is safe with us. In-accurate information may leads to lock of account.
  • Our service is limited to software / program provided by us and only to the registered member
  • Any new requirement may take time depending upon workload.
  • SMS / Whatsapp / Email service is a third party service, hence we have limited control over it. Hence we can configure it and show it in action. We are not responsible to handle every complain received by you, regarding any third party service.
  • Customization does not include changes in software design, color, name of label, representation of data or changes in any data. Although, you can do it from your side if option given.
  • Some customization like header, footer, sms, whatsapp, email, normal range, comments etc will be done only once and limited from our side. You have to learn about it for future purpose. Although you can ask for support if required.
  • We will not consider any demand from your customer as we are only responsible to serve you.
  • Any request from you partner, regarding partner portal will be considered on paid basis or only if you are paying per partner charge.
  • Please compile your requirement before call to support team, as only single request will be accepted in a day, that may contains multiple changes.
  • if there is any case of data transfer, it will be done only once and may take time, depending on the work load.
  • We do not accept any data entry work. Only Customization support or training in this regard will be given.
  • Format change request will be considered only once in a financial/academic year.
  • Any refund request will not be accepted after 3 days for payment.
  • We keep your data always safe and regularly improving security, to safe guard from unauthorized access or misuse, hence it is also your responsibility to keep backup copy safe, strongest password and take all necessary action to safeguard your data.
  • We never use your data other than internal analytic purpose and debugging purpose.
  • Data protection policy only includes your transactional data like your client or transaction related data (It does not includes master data such as Test information, profile information, Course Information or any type of public information).
  • Please do not ask for other user data or other user information, as it is beyond our policy.
  • If a report or section is newly added, please check carefully, there may be chances of bugs.
  • We are not responsible for any cash payment or UPI payment made in personal account of employee, associate, partner etc. without valid consent from company.
  • Consider subscribing our youtube channel for tutorials, new feature update, changes etc. As it is practically not possible for us to inform about it to each user. You can ask for clarification, if required.

Last updated on 01-Jan-2023